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What This Forum Is About Empty What This Forum Is About

Wed Mar 10, 2021 6:38 pm
This is a U.K based dream sharing forum, but all are welcome. The idea being for those interested in dreams, to come together and share them here, and assist each other in the interpretation of them. And also I will be setting up U.K regular skypes, where we all can link up and discuss the dreams also, although there is no obligation or pressure to attend. The skypes will be at a time that is mutually agreeable, and will be added to the forum calendar from week to week, so everyone knows the decided time and day etc. The idea of this forum also is as a first step, and an opportunity available for people to expand upon this, and to learn moreso what dreams actually are and represent and how their lives can be improved through them. As there are endless tiers and layers of information to be known and understood. For I am part of a group, the NuPresentation, which represents this next step if people are ready for it, the opportunity to attend skypes with them also and the chance to speak with the founder of the NuPresentation, Duane Heppner, who is a Universal Seer and has great skill in dream deciphering. Or I can relay the experiences to him and share them on the NuPresentation skypes if people are not comfortable in attending them themselves. Duane is also willing to attend our skypes. Feel free to ask any questions on this forum. The other forum sections are to introduce yourselves and to share your dreams and where everyone can respond with their ideas as to their interpretation.
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