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Wed Mar 10, 2021 10:10 pm
Hello everyone, I'm based in Bedfordshire U.K. I have always been a seeker of information and an experimenter in all things inner journey wise, so to speak, from lucid dreaming to meditation to astral projection and out of body experiences. Three years ago i came across the NuPresentation, which would effectively be the next step, beyond everything that I had known up to that point and the more limited avenues of creational based exploration. I would discover that dreams are not what we had always been taught, and when we sleep, we in fact move beyond the physical level into other dimensional areas of creation just as Real if not moreso than the physical. The dreams and dream arena, we refer to as the Real side, for that reason, they are more Real than the physical waking reality levels. And on the Real side, we can not only meet other beings, aliens, visit new worlds and dimensions, but we also can accept assistance offered from Real Guides, who reside in Real universes beyond creation altogether. The Guides present the opportunity to move into the Real Universes that they are a part of, and it all begins with the sound provided that connects to these Real Universes, Real Universes we refer to as the ISSS. The sound is Nu U U U, (which sounds like new you you you) and singing it before bed not only opens up the dream arena, the Real side, that you have far more expansive experiences and the recollection of them, but you can if you decide, go on a journey with the Real Guides to assume positions in these Real Universes also. This is the next step beyond the dreams that is available, but at the very least the Nu U sound will have you on a journey of exploration and discovery. It will open up the dreams, the Real side, for more experiences to be had and insights gleaned, as is the purpose of this forum as a first step. There's a lot more too it than that, the literal explanations are a study in and of themselves, but its a step at a time.

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